looking out on dock during sunset
looking out on dock during sunset

Hey, I’m Alejandro! In 2018, I came back from an amazing summer studying abroad in Taiwan. I thought my life at home wasn’t nearly as exciting as my time abroad, so I decided it was time to make changes. As a result, OneThingOneWeek was born…

 If you feel inspired and motivated, why not do the same? Go out every week and do something interesting or fun, if only for yourself. Make sure you throw it up on your social media and give it the hashtag #onethingoneweek.


Great Wall of China

Travel in Mainland China

If there’s one place in China that you definitely have to visit, what is it? Of course, it would have to be The Great Wall of China! With just a short drive away from the capital, the Great Wall is a convenient destination for eager travelers.

For those excited for scenery and history, the Great Wall is the place to go. Check out the drone footage and check form yourself…