Day #22 – More School | Going to Noodle Shop

Taiwan 2018

Updated: June 21, 2018

The interesting thing if the day was going to a noodle shop. I mean, food is always interesting, right? I went out with some friends to “eat noodles”, or 吃麵(chi1mian4).

The noodle shop we went to was pretty close to the school. At this shop, like as many other small shops, you pick up a menu, or 菜單(cai4dan1), and take a seat. Once you’ve done picking out your items(actually writing on the menu), you hand in your menu. Usually, the person will often request that you 買單(mai3dan1) or pay the bill.

Today, I ordered 炒米粉(chao3mi3fen3), or fried rice flour noodle. The food came really quickly, and it was not only delicious but also really cheap. It was NT$40, or $1.33, for a large bowl of fried noodles. When we finished eating, it was off for another couple of hours of torture. To catch it on film, watch today’s vlog.

Link to today’s vlog;

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